Saturday, 31 May 2008

The danger of miracles

Everyone has got a story. They go like this: My husband's sister's dog's wife went through IVF sixteen times and then age 48 she got pregnant with twins. My colleague's brother's budgerigar's sister had a baby when she was 62. Did you see that story in the paper about the woman in Romania who had a baby when she was 70? My mother's best friend's brother's wife had her uterus taken out and then she got pregnant. Well I exagerrate - but you get the point. It is all kindly meant. Most of it is probably even true. But I am not sure it is helpful for me right now. Of course, there are miracles but the reason why they are miracles is because they happen very, very seldom. My personal feeling is that I have to draw a line under this at some time and so maybe I should do it now before I drive myself and everyone else insane. We all know deep down that there two major source of unhappiness in all of our lives: First is the refusal to see a situation for what it is. Secondly, the desire for something which we simply can't have. My feeling is (at least for today) that I need to focus on what I have and not on what I don't have. So that is what I will try to do for the next three days. Which, incidentally, my husband and son and I are going to spend on a house boat in Amsterdam. Photos to follow ...... And thanks so much for the comments.


Honey said...

no one can rely on miricles, but they do get rolled out at every conversation.
statistics drive me mad too.
i have no idea how you let go of a dream, i'm trying to let go of my marriage, the 'fairy tale dream' and it's so so hard.
ack, sorry i'm depressed, so i can't write anything cheery,
except have a lovely time in amsterdam and bring on the photos!

Tash said...

Isn't it odd, I no longer "hope" or "wish" for anything, nor do I ever daydream about a future and hence the "miracle" stories have rather faded from my subconscious as well. I guess I just chalk them all up to Hollywood, or certainly, someone ELSE'S life. I'm not really sure what miracle I'd want right now, to be honest. Let me know when you find a story about someone raising the dead and curing them of all that ails them.

Melissia said...

I still believe in miracles, but funny enough, only for other people. And I would never presume to tell someone that their story will end with a miracle, only to hope that it does. I am sure that Amsterdam is lovely this time of year, can't wait to see photos. Also wonder if you have any photos of schipperkes, the dogs that I show and breed here in the states?