Monday, 19 May 2008

The blackest night

Tonight is the blackest night. I miss Laura so much. And I'm terrified about Friday. I'm pretty sure that the IVF hasn't worked. And they'll just telephone us to tell us that and then they'll put down the phone. And after that I'll be expected to get on with my life. And the next day will come and the next and it'll just go on the same. And people will look at me and they'll see nothing at all. I'll look just the same. But inside I'll have died. I want SOMETHING TO HAPPEN. I really I don't care at all if I get pregnant again and I miscarry. At least that way SOMETHING HAPPENS. But I won't even get that. I'll just have to get up the day after and go on as though it doesn't really matter that much. Oh Laura I want you back so badly. Our lives would be totally and completely and utterly different if you haven't died. This punishment goes on endlessly but I can't work out what I did. Maybe on Friday I'll just take my son and go away somewhere, anywhere. Maybe somewhere by the sea. If I just got up in the morning in a different place that might help. If I could just go somewhere where I don't have to pretend.


Tash said...

I'm so sorry.

I like the idea of getting away Friday. Makes the news the second story, at least for a day.

Missing Laura with you.

Melissia said...

Alice I'm so sorry. You didn't do anything. This is not your fault or your punishment, I cannot imagine a world so cruel that would take your baby because of anything you did or didn't do.
I agree with Tash, maybe getting away if you can, might be a good idea. My thoughts are with you.

Alice said...

Tash and Melissia thanks for the comments. Melissia I find I can't read your blog. Is that normal? Or am I being stupid with the technology? Alice

Melissia said...

I just put up my first blog post about 4 seconds ago, so that explains why you could not find it. I don't have a gift with words, only an excess of them, so please forgive my very humble content. Melissia