Monday, 5 May 2008

Egg collection

Tomorrow I have to go into hospital for the egg collection. I hope I don't scream at anyone. I'm worried because I won't be allowed to eat for several hours and I'm someone who soon goes into melt down if I'm not able to eat. My husband will go with me for an hour or so because he has to (where else is the sperm going to come from?) But he'll get out of there as soon as he can. I should perhaps insist that he stays with me. Most other women seem to have their partners there. I shared a room with very smiley Flemish / Italian lesbians last time. But I don't really think there is any point in insisting. Having my husband sitting there looking like he wants to be somewhere else isn't really going to improve my state of mind. The only problem is that the hospital make you stay much longer if you haven't got someone to drive you home. Last time I just lied to them and said I was getting a taxi and then took public transport for an hour (bus, metro, tram) home. The journey made me feel really bad and I did wonder why I was punishing myself by doing that when I didn't really have to. But for some reason I do feel that I should take public transport to the hospital. That's because to me IVF feels very self indulgent. I can more or less justify it to myself but not if I'm damaging the environment as well. That's silly, I know, but it's how I feel.


Caroline said...

I've been reading through your blog Alice. I am deeply moved. Your writing pulls at the heart.

Thinking about you tomorrow.

Tash said...

I'd probably do the same thing, and then walk the dogs around the block figuring it was a bust, anyway. But that's me. Thinking of you.

Melissia said...

Alice, Good luck tomorrow. On a very practical note, take something of a carbohydrate to eat immediately after the procedure. That screaming awful feeling can be caused by low blood sugar and combining it with anesthesia and the circumstances can result in feeling pretty vulnerable and physically awful. I usually feel that same out of body experience after these type of fasting/anesthesia experiences but have found if my blood sugars don't drop then I have better control of my facilities.