Sunday, 31 January 2010

The meaning of blog

I understand from reading other blogs that people write blogs for very different reasons. I suppose for lots of people blogs are just a place to post news and photographs - and why not? But my blog isn't like that at all. I don't usually put any stuff here about our holidays, our friends, our building work, my son's school - or whatever. Because the point is that I can talk to anyone in my normal life about those things. So for me this blog is specifically to do with my daughter's death. It contains thoughts I very seldom share with anyone in my normal life. Inevitably it also contains some of the rather small and bitter stuff which really has no other place to go. It seems to me that that is fine. Problems only arise if someone reads this blog and thinks that it is actually representative of my life as a whole. If they do that then, of course, they judge me as bitter and obsessed and sad. But anyone who does that is making a mistake. In my normal life I'm cheerful and busy and generally fairly positive - and, of course, I have masses of things going on in my life which have nothing to do with my daughter's death. I tend to assume that people who read blogs can figure that out for themselves - but perhaps not all of them can!

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Back again

I haven't written this blog for a long time! I stopped writing it because somebody made some very nasty comments about it and the whole thing was so damaging and upsetting that I couldn't even face looking at the blog at all. But now I've thought it all through and I've realised that, if stop writing this blog, then I'm giving in to those people who have hurt me. So I'm starting again. And actually I never used to tell anyone in my normal life about this blog - but I'm going to now. I just feel that I do have a right to say what I want to say, in the way I want to say it, and that I should exercise that right. Of course, I know hardly anybody reads this anyway but that's not the point! Thanks to those who have posted comments in the past and might again in future.