Monday, 2 May 2011

Heart beat video

Hope is now fifteen weeks. We had news at the end of last week that our amazing surrogage Mum had been for a scan. She didn't actually see Hope but she heard her heart beat. Our surrogate Mum e-mailed that she had tried to make a video of the heart beat. I'm not quite sure what that means! But, anyway, apparently it didn't work properly because when our surrogate Mum tried to tranfer it to her computer the sound didn't come through. As a result, she decided not to send it to us. I thought she was properly right about that - a video of a heart beat without the sound is probably not a meaningful experience. As you may guess by the tone of the post, I'm not in the least upset about this. In fact, I'm strangely amused. Some how it seems symptomatic of this whole weird world we are in. This now-you-see-it, now-you-don't kind of world where everything is ridiculously abstract. Actually the truth is that I was pretty glad not to hear the heart beat. I've heard too many heart beats which have subsequently stopped. And, had I heard it, I would probably have spent the whole weekend in tears - and as it is I've had a lovely time at my Mum's farm in the gorgeous spring weather with my mum, my sister and my little boy.


Anonymous said...

Good to hear more news of Hope... and not written in the middle of the night either. Your weekend sounded lovely.

Tash said...

There's something metaphoric about seeing but not hearing . . . but I'm way too tired right now to put my finger on it. I'm glad you find it amusing, as do I.

Thinking of you all, and Hope.

Karin said...

Just checking in! All sounds wonderful. It's nice to see your post. :-) Thinking of you and Hope!