Monday, 7 March 2011

Our baby has a name!

We have discovered that our baby has a heart beat - always a good thing. And we've decided to give her a temporary name. This decision was not without its difficulties. Our lovely surrogate Mum suggested we should find a name and I was broadly in favour but my husband was nervous. He is, understandably, very cautious. I think he just can't bear to be disappointed again - and he can't bear to see me disappointed either. But I'm strangely full of confidence. I wasn't confident with the last two pregnancies. I knew they would fail. And I knew the IVF wouldn't work. But now I just feel sure that this will work. And so we have settled on a temporary name for our baby. She is called Hope because that's what she represents to us. I feel rather teary typing that. Of course, the Black Humour Department of my brain has pointed out that, should she die, then that will The Death Of Hope. But then that is what it will be - literally and metaphorically - so that at least satisfies the writerly part of me which exists that things must be called by their proper names. Anyway, for the moment, we have Hope. And that's just fantastic! Actually totally, completely, wonderfully amazing.


Anonymous said...

I was so pleased to hear you have 'Hope' in your life. You are in my thoughts.
PS verify = person... how does it know there is a particular person in the making?

Tash said...

I love the black humor behind the name, and I get it completely. You're much braver than I ever was -- no way would I have given my subsequent child a name, even in jest.

A friend who just had a baby following a million mc's and IVF treatments gave her daughter "Hope" as a middle name. Which I thought was apt. Perhaps you could keep it when you bring him/her home?

Thinking about you!