Monday, 14 February 2011

Amazing news!

Our fantastic surrogate mum is pregnant! We found out 10 days ago and I've just been in a total spin ever since. I thought I'd been on some emotional roller coasters in the past but this is the wildest ride yet. I am thrilled - but so much of the past has suddenly come rushing back and that has been a huge shock. I have also been furiously researching surrogacy. Of course, I should have done that before. But I just couldn't invest in the process because I was sure it could never work. In fact, the truth is that I only ever started the whole surrogacy thing because my husband was so, so low and I was frightened for our marriage .... And I just thought it might give him a bit of hope. And all the time I've been waiting for the Huge Great Big Obstacle that would make the whole thing impossible. And there certainly have been a few Huge Obstacles - largely because the law in this country is ridiculously dated and complicated. But now suddenly we are there and it's happened. How extra-ordinary! How totally extra-ordinary! I've had such a poor level of support from family and friends through all these difficulties - and now two ladies in America (an egg donor and surrogate) have taken my problem on and solved it. My head is just spinning.


niobe said...

Omigosh. I am beyond thrilled for you!

Tash said...

YAYAYAYAY! I would make a snide comment about our country finally producing something worthy, but let's wait and see how it all turns out, eh?

You will keep us posted, won't you?

Anonymous said...

This is such good news, better than good news - you are often in my thoughts as you make this journey.

Alice said...

Thanks for the comment Anonymous. I would reply but obviously I can't. Thanks also to Tash and Niobe. Alice