Wednesday, 11 June 2008


Yesterday I was meant to go to the hospital. My husband and I decided not to go. We just couldn't face it. We've been trailing back and forwards to one hospital or another for three years and in all that time we've never had any good news. If we'd gone to the hospital yesterday we would have been kept waiting for an hour and a half. Then we'd have seen a doctor for ten minutes. The doctor would have spent at least eight of those ten minutes looking at a computer screen. Then he'd have told us some bad news. After that I would have been upset and the medical staff would have looked at me as though to say, 'Please can you not cause embarrassment by looking sad in the hospital. In fact, please can you take your dead babies somewhere else because we really don't need your bad news story here.' My husband and I would then have come home and had a row. After that I would have cried for three days. So what did I do instead of going to the hospital? I met up with my wonderful friend and we had breakfast in a cafe. I had a cafe latte and a croissant - two thing I never normally have. And it was a lovely morning. My friend's life is actually even sadder than mine at the moment - but still I really enjoyed our time together. Definitely better than a visit to the hospital. Oh I can't describe to you the relief I feel at not going there.


Honey said...

sounds like a lovely friend! ;)
sounds really like you made the good decision many more like that and you'll feel back in control of your life again. This post positively sparkles.

Tash said...

sometimes I think we just need to change direction and take another path altogether. Eating croissant along the way certainly helps. I envy your ability to walk away Alice, it sounds most definitely like the best and healthiest choice for you.

Melissia said...

I think this hospital and these people make you so unhappy that you need to do what feels right right now. I think that Tash and Honey are right. You do sound so much better.

Honey said...

tell you what's even more fun! car painting! i'll definatly do yours with you if you still fancy it after you've seen the photos! Hoping all is well with you, thinking of you, x

Tash said...

Alice, someone nominated you for an award over at Glow in the Woods this month. Just wanted to let you know, and thank you for your words. Clearly more than we appreciate them! Hope you're well.

Alice said...

Thanks so much for all the comments. Thanks so much to Tash as well. I didn't know about that web site! It's good to look at it. What a kind thing to do. With love, Alice