Tuesday, 30 June 2009


My life has gone upside down. This is due to absolutely appalling news about my friend Honey. She was the person who started me off writing this blog - and she's been a great support to me over the last couple of years and now ....... It would be wrong for me to write anything about what is happening to her because she is telling her own story, on her blog, in her own clear, brave and humourous words ....... Her blog is called Honey Letting Off Steam and it is linked to mine. Honey is extra-ordinary - courageous, honest, loving and graceful. Thank God I am near enough to go and see her. I love her so much and I'm so privileged to be part of her life. Remember - if you do know her real name, don't use it. Send all your loving thoughts her way. She needs and deserves it all - and much more.


Tash said...

Oh shit. I know she's been a big supporter and reader here. Off to go read.

Honey said...

thank you alice, i think they should employ you here as official visitor because you make me gurgle with laughter, allow me to sob, have me grinning like a hyenna and well I'm just looking forward to the next visit please!

Dizzy said...

The thing is, Honey, that's just how I feel when I visit you!
See you later!
Alice - thank you so much for being there so close to Honey, to help look after her for us all.