Wednesday, 10 September 2008

New house

There is so much that I want to write about - but I've no time and no proper internet connection. I'm typing this in an internet cafe. My son and I have been camping at our new house for the last three days. We have no furniture except an air bed but we've loved it all the same. Yesterday evening we stood at the window and watched a deer grazing on our lawn. That happens quite often. The deer come down from the woods behind the house and occupy the lawn as though it is their own. I'm longing for the moment when I can take a photograph so you can see the house. In an hour's time the furniture van arrives. It could be quite a difficult afternoon! But at least something is happening.


Tash said...

Sounds idyllic. At my old house, I initially loved the forest/deer component. Until they ate every freaking thing in my garden/beds. Then not so much. But the babies in spring just made me weepy.

You sound like you're really home.

Honey said...

home at last how exciting, and I can't wait to see the photos.
hugs to you and yours.

janis said...

looking forward to your photos, and hoping all goes well with all that furniture assignment!

Z said...

It sounds lovely.

Karin said...

How beautiful. Really beautiful.

I hope your belongings have made it safely.

niobe said...

Moving can be wearing on body and soul. I'm glad your move seems to be going well.

We live in an extremely urban, high-density, mostly multi-family and condo-filled area and, a few weeks ago, I saw a deer in our backyard. I freaked out. And not in a good way.