Thursday, 3 July 2008

What is lost?

One thing my experiences have taught me is that, when you suffer a loss, it is important to work out what the loss really is. What part of the loss is truly sad and painful and hard to bear - and what part of it only involves waving good-bye to things you didn't care about anyway? I ask myself those kind of questions often at the moment. It works like this. A few days ago I went into one of those mega toy stores which house acres of beeping, plastic, electronic, sexual-stereotyping crap. I was looking for a bike for my six year old son. But, of course, as luck would have it, I had to walk through the baby department to get to the bikes. And there were all the baby toys ..... And, predictably, I was ambushed by emotion and tears rushed down my face as I realised that I'll never buy baby things again. And then just as I was about to start out down the road of two-days-weeping-at-the-bottom-of-the-bed, I pulled myself up short and thought it through. Actually the truth is that I can't bear those huge mega toy stores. They make me feel sick. They're all about want, want, want. Yuck. So I don't need to cry about the fact that I have no reason to go into a baby store any more. I just need to cry about the loss of my daughter and my two miscarried babies. They are the only loss that matters.


Tash said...

I get this totally. I hit a divide about a year out where I realize I was grieving a lot over losing my old self, and that I was kinda over it. And around Mother's Day this year, I really really tried to form a new mantra: "Just miss." Just miss the baby. That's it. Cut the static. Now if only the rest of my friends and family and complete strangers would get on board, I think it would be rather easy.

Karin said...

Strong points. I also hate those mega toy stores and wouldn't have even bought any of those things for my children anyway. It's good to consider this in this context. I like what Tash says, Just miss. Nodding my head.